POD Setup Fee for Custom Perfomance Polyester Shirts

POD Setup Fee for Custom Perfomance Polyester Shirts

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Please select up to 4 preferred shirt colors that you would like us to provide as your POD shirt color options. Also, select one shirt color for your sample (this must match one of your preferred colors). We only offer sublimation printing on White, Arctic Blue, Columbia Blue,

Pale Yellow,

Pearl Grey, Seagrass, or Safety Yellow for our polyester UPF shirts since those are the colors we always have in stock.

No other discounts or promotions can be applied to this program. For this initial price, you will receive initial design services, product setup, a product page on our website, and one sample of the product shipped to you for testing and advertising purposes.

The cost of the additional products ordered by you or your customer will be at our 40% discounted price. For example, a two-print location standard size long-sleeve UPF shirt will cost $23.99 per shirt and many of our customers sell this type of shirt for around $50 to their customers. As you can see, this program has plenty of profit potential while keeping initial costs down by not requiring you to hold large amounts of inventory.

We offer two POD program options:

1. Done For You Option - We set up a product page at the full retail price (retail price will be provided by you but price must be at least our MSRP or higher) and then you direct your customers to our website through provided link. We will pay a monthly royalty to your PayPal account based on the profit generated from the sales. This is the most convenient option we offer, as this only requires you to promote the product on our website. We take care of product production, fulfillment, taxes, etc.

2. You Order From Us Option - We set up a hidden product page on our website at the POD cost and only you have the link to this product. When you sell the product on your website or through some other method, you can manually place the order on our website and have it shipped to the customer or to yourself to manually fulfill it.