Design Deposit

Design Deposit

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The design deposit is the first step in getting an awesome custom sunshield created by our design team. Once we receive your design deposit it normally only takes a few business days for us to create a custom design that you will have the opportunity to approve before we go into production. If you already have your own design and are providing it to us, we will still require a design deposit to initiate the order and provide a digital mockup for approval.

Once you have approved the design we will send you an invoice for the purchase less the design deposit.

Due to the fact that our designers like to eat, design deposits are non-refundable, but we ensure that we will work to create design that you love.

Custom Sunshield FAQs:

- What colors are available? Most of our custom sunshields are printed using a dye sublimation process so there are virtually unlimited color options. If you can print the design on your standard ink jet or laser color printer, then we can print it on a sunshield. There is no extra charge for multiple colors.

- What are my design options? Once again this is virtually unlimited. Our design team can help you with just about any design scheme you can dream up. Even if you can't come up with anything they are always willing to lend some creative direction. For a lot of organizations we will use their logo in a cool repeat pattern with colors that associate with the brand or organization. We also have access to stock libraries and we can use those stock files for cool background options or other design elements. Just let us know what you want and we will help you create it! Upload logos or other artowork on this page or send directly to

I want to provide my own design, what is the template? Please send us your design in a high resolution .PDF that is 24 cm wide x 48 cm tall. Artwork can be uploaded on this page or sent directly to

- Will the artwork come off in the the washing machine? No, since the dye sublimation process creates a permanent bond there is no worries about the artwork washing off of the sunshield. We recommend washing all our sunshields in warm or cool water and hang dry for best results.

- How long will it take to get my sunshield? Typically it takes about 3 weeks to deliver.



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