HST Snow Spruce Camo Neck Gaiter

HST Snow Spruce Camo Neck Gaiter

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Officially licensed true camoufleur-created patterns by Hidden Success Tactical (HST). From the very beginning, SUBSTRATE creator Matthew Dermody has admitted his obsessive passion for camouflage. It was his primary motivation for writing on the subject and developing camouflage patterns that can answer the call for any tactical or recreational application. We offer patterns for tactical operators, military and law enforcement, hunters, as well as fashion leisure wear. If you're looking for a highly effective camouflage pattern; you just found it. Good luck trying to find it this easily in the field...

For starters, any time a new pattern comes to market, it's less recognizable in the field. The pattern you're currently using may be compromised by its own familiarity. Look at the shapes and design elements within your current pattern. Traditional pattern creation is no longer going to have the effectiveness when human vision and deductive reasoning can detect patterns. The more complex the pattern, the harder it is to detect. A new pattern aids in concealability until the market is saturated with products featuring that camo pattern. This is one of the many reasons why camo manufacturers create new patterns every couple of years.

Next, how many other camouflage pattern companies are owned and operated by authors and true camoufleurs who develop their patterns based on the research they conducted while writing on the subject of camouflage and concealment? To be honest, pattern development is easy. With basic graphic arts skills, anyone can create camo patterns. This is obvious by the sheer number of patterns out there. It not just knowing what works, but the where, when, and why a pattern works. That's important. That's what makes a true camoufleur.

SUBSTRATE patterns aren't designed to be attractive, aesthetically and visually pleasing, or "tacticool" at your local gun range, gun shows, or adorning SHOT Show bunnies. The fact that they are is purely a happy accident. The patterns are designed to be functional for the purpose of making the wearer more difficult to see from both man and beast (with the lifestyle patterns being the exception). We can say with confidence, SUBSTRATE patterns work and will continue to work when paired strategically and tactically with good camouflage and concealment protocols and paying attention to the intended environment.

HIDDEN SUCCESS TACTICAL uses original pictures (and some royalty-free images) of real world environments, textures, colorways and natural, organic shapes to create the SUBSTRATE patterns. We try to stay away from "high-definition" camouflage, as it "highly defines" the wearer. Tree branches and leaves make for realistic artwork in camo patterns, but they don't "act" like real tree branches and leaves. We do offer patterns with these elements under the premise that the end user understands that the pattern has strict limitations regarding its effectiveness and applications.

Lastly, there's digital camo and then there's "digital camo". Yes, SUBSTRATE patterns utilize digitized elements. Almost every camo pattern commercially available today does, but you will not find the extreme overuse of large, square pixels found on the notorious ACUPAT army camouflage.

  • Machine Washable
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Up to 30 UPF Sun Protection
  • Moisture wicking
  • 100% seamless polyester fabric
  • One size fits most

Our HST Camo Neck Gaiters have at least 12 uses. These multi-functional shields reduce direct exposure from sunlight and protect against outdoor elements. They can be worn as a neckerchief, face shield, hair band, scarf, foulard, head band, wristband, balaclava, cap, scrunchy, pirate, do rag, plus much more! Made to withstand the elements, our neck gaiter fabric is lightweight, breathable and seamless with moisture wicking properties that is soft to the touch. Perfect for fishing, boating, hunting, hiking and any other outdoor activities or everyday use!